California is bracing for below-freezing temperatures, wind and some light snow this Presidents Day after several weeks of unseasonably warm weather, forecasters said. 
<p>Repeated downpours will elevate the risk of flash, urban and river flooding along a 1,500-mile-long swath of the central United States into midweek.</p>
<p>The National Weather Service (NWS) issued several warnings Sunday about thunderstorms and fog affecting areas that are part of Interstate-80 (I-80), which saw various closing and reopening of certain sections over the past few days because of constant spinouts and collision of vehicles, due to the slippery roads.</p>
The Northeast is awaiting temperatures next week that will feel more like spring than winter. But before that, as much as 7 inches of snow is expected to fall on New York City and surrounding areas this weekend.
<p>South Korea - Before the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics began on Feb 9, Magnus Strom and his Reuters colleague Sylvain Marchandise, both experienced skiers, spent five days on a frigid mountain, skiing to locations on the alpine skiing course. They laid hundreds of meters of cable a day so Reuters journalists can send pictures and text stories down from the slopes to editors in the media center.</p>
<p>The same storm that caused officials to close a section of Interstate 90 in Washington on Saturday will continue to spread snow and unusually cold air across the western United States early this week.</p>
<p>Recent snowfall across the northeastern United States will not remain on the ground long with springlike warmth set to quickly surge back in.</p>
<p>Where long-term severe drought and snow cover currently coexist in the northern United States, a series of quick-hitting snowstorms this weekend and early next week may tip the scales in favor of the latter.</p>
<p>A fast-moving storm will tap into fresh cold air and put down accumulating snow from parts of Ohio and northern West Virginia to Massachusetts during the middle of the weekend.</p>
A conveyor belt of rain stretching from the Gulf Coast to the Jersey Shore continues through the end of the week, with the risk of flooding across the region.&nbsp;
Hundreds of people reported feeling a 2.7-magnitude earthquake that shook towns near the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border on Thursday morning, according to the US Geological Survey. The USGS said the quake started at 9:28 a.m. with its epicenter in East Kingston, New Hampshire, just over the Massachusetts border. By about an hour later, the USGS had received more than 800 reports from people who said they felt it. East Kingston is near ...
Meteorologist Domenica Davis looks at the forecast for a snow maker hititng the West Coast.
Meteorologist Domenica Davis looks at the forecast for a Northeast snow maker expected this weekend.
<p>emperatures for many cities throughout the southeastern United States are running several degrees above average so far this month, and there is little change in sight.</p>
<p>Temperatures will be on the rise for the second half of this week in the East, but so will the opportunity for clouds and rain. A cold front is forecast to push across the region Thursday and Friday, bringing clouds, showers and even a steadier rain to some places.</p>
Gusty conditions delayed or cancelled events at the Winter Olympics, amid athlete complaints that high wind made conditions too dangerous to compete.
Even a 1-degree rise in global temps could increase the likelihood of extreme weather —including floods, droughts, and heat waves — in the U.S.
As of this past Tuesday February 6th most of the southwest from southern California into New Mexico and Colorado where in a moderate drought situation. Close to 50% of the Four Corner states where also experiencing severe drought conditions while isolated areas of southeast Arizona even suffered extreme 'winter games' race track for boys
A wildfire raging in remote Australia is so big that smoke emanating from it can be seen from space, say CNN meteorologists.
<p>Atmospheric conditions that helped create the recent multiyear California drought have returned, leaving the state dry and exceptionally warm this winter and its residents wondering if another long dry spell is on the way.</p>
The Pacific nation of Tonga began cleaning up damage Tuesday from a cyclone that destroyed its Parliament House, as well as homes and churches, and was intensifying as it headed toward nearby Fiji.
Feel like it's been snowing for a week straight? It has. It has actually been nine days with "measurable amounts" of snow in Chicago, which, the National Weather Service explains, means 0.1 inches or more. That ties a record and marks just the third time it has happened since the agency began keeping records in 1885, said Stephen Rodriguez, a meteorologist. The weather service issued ...
Each February, the Japanese city of Sapporo becomes home to the world's most impressive display of snow sculptures. Here are 2018's best ones!
Frigid temperatures, snow and more winter weather.