This could be a record-setting Thanksgiving. Years from now, people will be talking about the cold Thanksgiving of 2018 that we are about to endure. There’s little doubt that the daylight hours of this year’s Thanksgiving will be the coldest ever recorded in Boston.
Northern California’s first major rainstorm since spring can’t come soon enough, as a cold, wet front moving into the region overnight Tuesday was expected to clear the Bay Area’s smoky air and quell the deadliest wildfire in state history. Fine particles in the air from the Camp Fire — a blaze that has burned 151,373 acres and killed 79 people north of Sacramento — have kept the region under a red alert, which rates air quality as unhealthy....
After cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, millions of people across America will turn their attention to Black Friday shopping. Over 164 million Americans are planning to go shopping over the five-day Thanksgiving weekend, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).
Beginning at midweek and continuing through Black Friday, a series of storm systems will bring sweeping changes to the recent weather pattern that has been locked in across California. 
The massive Camp Fire blaze and others are belching plumes of smoke that have drifted 3,000 miles across the country to the Northeast US.
New York City has seen only three Thanksgivings since 1870 when the high temperature did not reach 30 degrees. On Thursday, it is expected to hover in the mid-20s.
The busiest travel week of the year also falls during a volatile time for extreme weather. While traveling and partaking in Thanksgiving festivities, be prepared and remember that severe weather can strike at anytime. 1898 - Infamous Portland storm This storm claimed the lives of 200 people in 1898. It formed off Cape Cod and hit the New England coast. Many people were lost at sea along with over 140 ships lost in the storm. More than 2 feet of...
Winter Has Arrived
"Facing these climatic changes will be like getting into a fight with Mike Tyson, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Jackie Chan – all at the same time," the lead researcher said
By century's end, many parts of the world may have to cope with up to six climate catastrophes at once, ranging from heat waves and wildfires to diluvian rains and deadly storm surges, researchers warned Monday.
Temperatures in the single digits could make the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade one of the coldest in recent memory.
If you're traveling, rough weather could cause headaches in a few locations. For Thanksgiving itself, bone-chilling cold will be the main story.
<p>Twin storms are headed for rural Northern California this week, bringing conditions that could both help and hinder efforts to put out the Camp Fire, the deadliest blaze in the state's history, officials said Monday.</p>
About 4,000 residents have fled Guatemala's Volcano of Fire as red-hot rock and ash spewed into the sky and cascaded down the slopes toward an area devastated by a deadly eruption earlier this year. Guatemala's volcanology unit says that explosions from the 12,300-foot (3,763-meter) high mountain shook homes with "constant sounds similar to a train locomotive."
Rain in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, typically two of the busiest days of Thanksgiving week, could make a mess of air or road trips as storms move into the west coast.&nbsp;
"Every year you wait to make decisions and take actions, the risk goes up," said retired Rear Adm. Jonathan White.
People could add years to their lives in smog-plagued parts of the world if authorities could reduce particulate pollution - soot from cars and industry - to levels recommended by the World Health Organization, a new study reported Monday.&nbsp;
While massive fires hit Sweden this summer, neighboring Finland managed to avoid them.
David Leavitt has spent a lifetime watching ice and how it’s changing. “Long time ago … good ice all the time,” he said. Mr. Leavitt is 88 and lives in Utqiagvik, Alaska, once known as Barrow, the northernmost city in the U.S., on the shore of the Arctic Ocean.
Authorities are working to relocate hundreds of wildfire evacuees that have created a tent city at a Walmart parking lot 10 minutes down the hill from Paradise, California.
The particulates in smoke don’t destroy homes. They don’t down trees. But in the case of wildfires, smoke’s impacts—and dangers—can reach hundreds of miles further than the flames themselves.
Take a look at this incredible rime icing taking place in Genesee, Colorado on Nov. 17. This stunning video was captured by storm chaser, Reed Timmer.
While there are currently no tropical threats in the Atlantic Ocean, Hurricane Lenny was tracking the "wrong way" through the basin during mid-November 1999.
As residents recovered and demanded an explanation, The Times asked readers to share their experiences. We’re continuing to collect information and provide updates as they become available.
An enormous area of California has smoke-polluted air.