The severe storms are possible from Texas to the Northeast.
Authorities say a tourist has drowned in Switzerland's Lake Geneva after her boat capsized in a driving storm, and another was killed in nearby France after high winds brought down a tree on her campsite.
The world is full of strange weather. Stacker has looked at the wildest and craziest weather phenomena in the world and has created a list of the 15 most extreme types of crazy weather.
A human-caused wildfire in east-central Arizona near Superior continues to grow and remains uncontained.
Severe weather is also possible in the Southern Plains on Sunday.
Over 40% of Greenland experienced melting yesterday, with total ice loss estimated to be more than 2 gigatons (a gigaton is equal to 1 billion tons).
A team of four researchers spent 10 days in one of the remote places on earth to scout locations for sensors that will measure the warm water that is melting the Thwaites Glacier from below.
After the south-central United States has been graced with a multi-day stretch of generally dry weather, rounds of heavy rain and severe thunderstorms will target the area into next week. A front draped across the north-central Plains and Midwest through Saturday will sag southward later in the weekend before stalling across the south-central Plains and mid-Mississippi Valley early next week. 
The US Southwest may have to wait for those jaw-dropping walls of dust, heavy rains and photogenic lightning strikes. Why the delay? You can blame it on the climatological pattern known as El Niño.
Each storm is different and they all pull you deeper into what can be a frustrating but addicting hobby.
Showers and thunderstorms dampening the Tennessee Valley and Florida Peninsula through early week will largely miss the drought areas of the Southeast.
Iowa had 50.73 inches of precipitation from June 2017 through May 2018, about 16 inches more than normal.
Learn how to protect yourself and your family in emergencies in general and also how to make it through region-specific natural disasters.
US Forest Service and Interior Department officials warned senators Thursday that the upcoming wildfire season would be worse than last year's, which left dozens of people dead in California, saying that "if we're lucky, this year will simply be a challenging one."
With summer sunshine comes summer storms, and every state in the United States has had to weather its fair share of squalls. Using property-damage data, Stacker ranked each state as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico on the most-severe summer weather.
Locusts are seen in Sardinia, Italy in this undated image taken from a video obtained from social media. 
Last year the EPA gave the Charles River an A- for water quality. This year, it isn't looking so good.
While much of the West should be warm and dry, thunderstorms will target portions of the central and eastern U.S
Two people died Thursday after being struck by lightning at a park in Pennsylvania, authorities said.
<p>Photos of life amid soaring temperatures around the globe.</p>
Weather officials have confirmed a tornado touched down in New Jersey Thursday evening.
The state has just had its warmest spring on record, causing permafrost to thaw and dramatically reshaping some areas
Enough melting snow is pouring out of the Rocky Mountains into the drought-starved rivers of the southwestern U.S. to delay a water shortage in the region. But the runoff is threatening to push some streams over their banks. Much of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming had above-average snowfall, and as it melts and water is rushing into the Colorado River, the Rio Grande and other waterways.
"There are layers of reasons why this is a bad project, but worst of all is it really gives a false promise of hope to people who are suffering," a National Wildlife Federation expert said.